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Earn yield

Earn yield, trade, borrow, lend, hedge, view performance, and automate tedious tasks in one-click. Save time and money with Enso.

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Your one app to

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Fed-up with using multiple interfaces? Us too…
Now, with Enso, you can conveniently and affordably interact with all DeFi primitives in one place.

Earn just in one click

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Earn on any protocol with any token. Enso simplifies the process by finding the most efficient route and bundling all the necessary transactions into one, saving you gas and time!

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Swap multiple tokens at once

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Trade as many tokens as you want in one go with best price execution. We compare gas fees across the main aggregators and select best option. All in one-click.

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Claim rewards easily

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Maximising your yield is becoming conveniently easy. With just a few clicks, you can claim your rewards and compound them in one transaction.

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Automate any task or select one of Enso’s pre-configured options: compounding, dollar cost-averaging (DCA), harvesting, or exiting all positions.

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All in one-click

No more tedious steps or complicated processes. Bundle all of these interactions in a transaction cart and execute them in one transaction

One click is all it takes.

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For developers

powerful apps in no-time

With Enso you develop apps easier, faster, and more cost-efficiently. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

Integrate with protocols seamlessly

Integrate with any contract on any EVM chain without needing to build your own adapter smart contracts.

Integrate with protocols seamlessly
Simplify complex interactions
Simplify complex interactions

Enso enables you to facilitate any Web3 journey, whether this is depositing into pools, interacting with NFTs, or interacting with freshly deployed contracts.

Optimise costs at every step
Optimise costs at every step

Enso allows you to save gas fees due to our innovative on-chain scripting language virtual machine smart contract. The more transactions you bundle the more you save.

Our technology

IntroducingEnso Shortcuts

Shortcuts are bundles of transactions that can be executed in one click. They can be accessed through our API, SDK, or even our UI.

Use cases

Enso Shortcuts SDK

Here is the example of a Shortcut staking on Convex in a few easy steps.

Import protocols

Swap token

Adding liquidity

Staking LP Token

Create Shortcuts in minutes

Using our plug-and-play SDK, developers can find and create Shortcuts quickly.

Explore our Shortcuts Registry

Use our pre-built integrations with 0x, Uniswap, Aave, Curve, Yearn, Euler, Element and more.

Find the best route

Offer to your users one-click for entering verbose tokens such as liquidity pools with any token.

Read our docs

We’ve provided comprehensive documentation to familiarize yourself.

Book a demo call

Not clear enough about our technology? Book a session to do a demo with us!

View our codebase

We’ve open sourced our code base. Check our code and get a glimpse into the future.

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